Image Analysis Suite

New Biochemistry Room 00-000

We have a fully equipped image analysis suite in New Biochemistry. The workstations are integrated with our data storage system and an OMERO image database server (Biochemistry OMERO webclient here - internal only).

The analysis workstations (a mix of Windows and Linux) are equipped with the following:

Fiji /ImageJ
ImageJ is an excellent free image analysis tool supported by NIH (and Fiji is just ImageJ with batteries included for the life sciences) ImageJ/Fiji are suitable for most image analysis tasks, certainly in 2D.
for DeltaVision and OMX data; particularly wide-field deconvolution and SI reconstruction
OMERO client
for accessing our OMERO image storage system ( to upload, annotate, process or download images.
for 3D visualization and analysis, particularly 3D segmentation and movie-making.
for 3D visualization and analysis, particularly spinning disk confocal datasets.
for custom image processing and analysis solutions, as well as tools such as MicrobeTracker.
Priism & Prithon
free image analysis tools from the Agard & Sedat labs, where the Deltavision & and OMX technologies originated.
for figure editing.
image editor, also for figure editing